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A few weeks ago, I got an email from a gentleman who identified my old, Grandfather's accordion below. I decided to begin a new section of this website dedicated to identifying old accordions. I asked anyone who had an old instrument to send me email and pictures. So far, I've gotten a very good response. Good enough that I decided to start a blog solely for the purpose of finding, identifying and discussing Mystery Accordions.

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Grandfather's Accordion Identified

The Mystery Accordion below has been identified: See the answer, here:
Mystery Accordion Identified!

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Vintage Accordion
This is an old, Diatonic Button Accordion. The question is, how old is this accordion? When and where was it made? This Accordion was played by my Grandfather between the years of 1930 and 1990. It may be that his father played it too.

Accordion Brand
Harmonikafabrik, Gubas & Sohn, Klagenfurt
So, it says on the name badge.
Can anyone identify the age and provide a little history about this accordion brand?

Diatonic AccordionOne thing is for sure - this vintage accordion is as beautiful as the day it was made. This is a very well preserved instrument. It was well taken care of!

This Diationic Accordion will live forever, and for someone that knows how to play, continue to offer great, warm and happy Music. If you have any information on this well-preserved instrument,
or you would like your own accordion identified, please send me an email at

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