Dec 232013
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I sold my old house back in Salt Lake City Utah and I find this up in Attic , I really don’t know any thing about it and whatever you see on this listing is base on what I find in the hard case and some research on internet .  
This is Beautiful Larry Pino egg Shell pearl finished , its maiden Italy ,,,,,,,,,,the hard case handle is broken but its there , there is few music note and instruction in the case . the date on these notes are NOV/23/1976 .this Accordion has ,,,,,,41 Treble Key,,,,,,5 Switches,,,,,,,,,,120 Base Key and two of them has Diamond on them ,,,,,,,,,,if I don’t be wrong it has 4 Speakers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Really like to know how much this piece worth .I posted on eBay and getting lots different offers but I am not sure I should take the offers or not , HELP PLEASE 
Dec 232013
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I have this (Sonola) Rivoli that I would Love to Sell..

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Nov 102013

Hi there dear community,

My girlfriend just walked in with HOHNER VERDI III. Can you tell something about this beautiful craftsmanship? Price indication (not I waana sell it, might try some youtube lessons :). I know how to date guitars but not this. The case seems older than the fifties models I see on inet. I would appreciate it if you could tell about this beautiful accordion. Lesson material links also appreciated :D

Kind regards,


Sep 292013

For insurance purposes, I’m trying to find out an approx value for a piano accordion made for my father in the mid-1930s in NYC.  Thanks!

L Giulietti & Son. New York.  “Modern”

Custom-made piano accordion by senior Luigi Giulietti in mid- to late-1930s.

Right-hand Keyboard:  24 white keys (low F => 3 octaves => A)  + 17 black keys (low F# => 3 octave => A#)

Left Bass Buttons:  6 rows of 20 + also multi-level Volume control bar built into frame above buttons.

2 volume control gauges (sort of like gas tank with arrows!) set into scroll above keyboard.

It’s in good condition, but would probably benefit from an overhaul. Original case.