Mar 082011
Accordion Value

Accordion Value

Accordion Value and Description Requested

Okay, Folks.

I have very little information on this one. Only pictures and the words, Made in Italy.
If you know what brand, make, model, year and value of this accordion is, please share your thoughts in the comment field.

Identify Accordion Value From PhotosPhotos

Please Identify Accordion Value

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  2 Responses to “Accordion Value Identification”

  1. I have a Honer Acc 3-reed Maestro III black and gold from around 1970 excellent condition with case serial no. 314775
    Wondering value thanks

  2. I have my great grandfathers accordion and I just like to no the value its a titano made in Italy number 13879 in the original case its crème with gold buttons on it it is in perfect shape and plays really pretty as my pastior came over and lookat it said he never heard iof the brand is it a generic or is a goodie my popi kept everything in perfect conditioni have his orginal transistor radio and all his metal from the navyi hope you can help me I did have a man in madera ca that said I shouldn’t ever get rid of it its so heavy idf its worth a lot I want to have a big glass case to keep it under lock and key dso they can look but don’t touch the hattrd thing is im dyning and the home health workers who come here to take care of me I found 2 lidst they were making list to give to my husband for my item im not even dead yet and they are making list so iam afraid if this is worth money I have nobody not 1relative left except my x husband and I cannot trust him he wanted me to sell it the day my popi gave it to me he said you aren’t going to play it it didn’t matter I was just happy I had something from him theres nobody eles alive topass it on

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