Roland FR7-V Accordion Demo

FR7-V Demo Part-I

See this impressive introduction to the Roland FR7-V Accordion and it's thirty different accordion sounds; bandoneon, Italian Accordion, Musette, Spanish Accordion, German Accordion, and there's 24 more - but you get the picture. It sounds like a whole lot of different accordions.

FR7-V Demo Part-II

In Part-2, the numerous orchestral sounds of the FR7-V are demonstrated. This instrument may look like an accordion, but it can sound like a trumpet, sax, flute, mandolin, harmonica, guitar, organ, etc., etc. The playing in this demo is as impressive as the instrument itself.

Well, what are you waiting for. If you saw the demo and you know how to play an Accordion, you obviously want to buy the Roland FR7-V, right? Good news, it's available here:

Roland FR7-V Accordion on Sale

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